TV Commercials Too Loud? Congress Has Plan To Fix It

Dy’er sez: For all of you good folk who sit back to watch a little TV but find that you are scrambling for the mute button on the remote when a

The good old days...before commercials were too frikken loud

 break comes up (I know that I am one), Congress has passed H.R. 6209, the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (or CALM act). The bill will go for a final vote soon, and then to the President’s desk.

Basically, the bill sets up regulations on how loud a commercial can be (the average volume of the show you are watching) and allows the FCC to oversee and regulate the specifics of the bill.

Detractors of the bill claim that the government should not be regulating such things, and that we have the ability to simply turn down the volume or use the mute button if the advertisements get too loud.

While I am not a huge fan of some government regulations (many laws and regulations seem to help rather than hinder illicit activities of major corporations – like vaccine companies who cannot currently be sued for inoculation related damages or proposed ‘carbon credit’ measures which will allow the largest corporate polluters to continue to do so ONLY if they pay a cut to the government in lieu of actually making them find ways to cut down their pollution output), but I do have to say that the legislative branch seems to have done something I agree with – a rare occurrence, indeed.

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Obama Gets A Sign From Above?

A little bit of cosmic karma bites the President on his…podium.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Very Much Alive in Beaverton School District

Student center at Lewis & Clark College in Por...

Student center at Lewis & Clark College

Dyer Sez: Fourth grade teacher Seth Stambaugh has found himself about to be reassigned to another school over the controversy of…admitting he’s gay.

According to a story by Wendy Owen of the Oregonian, a conversation initiated by a 4th grade student led to the teacher’s admittance that he was homosexual. From the article:

“Seth Stambaugh told a fourth-grader who asked if he was married, that he was not. When the student asked why, Stambaugh, who is gay, replied it was not legal for him to get married because he would choose to marry another man. The student then asked does that mean you like to hang out with other guys? and Stambaugh responded yes, said Lake Perriguey, Stambaugh’s attorney.

The parent of a student who overheard the conversation complained, Perriguey said, and district administrators asked Stambaugh’s advisors at Lewis & Clark College to find him another school.

Perriguey said the parent who complained had already raised an issue about Stambaugh’s appearance, which Perriguey described as pressed pants, an oxford shirt, a tie and a cardigan. Stambaugh has a light Van Dyke and pulls his hair back into a pony tail.”

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It’s Official: World War I is Finally Over

The delegations signing the Treaty of Versaill...

The delegations signing the Treaty of Versailles - 1919

Dyer Sez: No, the title above is most certainly not a misprint. After almost one-hundred years, the “War to End All Wars” is finally over.

Although a ceasing of all hostilities was enacted in 1918, the treaty of Versailles (signed off on in 1919) outlined massive monetary reparations, in the hundreds of billions of dollars, to be paid from the tax coffers of Germany (the reasoning being that Germany started the war…and also lost it) to a variety of pension funds, corporate holdings and government bonds of the victorious Allied governments.

Also in the document were rules governing how Germany would move forward from a war footing to a peace-time stance which included limits on the size of their military, a total ban on conscription, and a variety of prohibitions on the manufacture, import or export of weapons.

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Obama and Biden to Democrat Voters : Even If We Haven’t Done What You Elected Us To Do, Just “Buck Up” And Vote For Democrats Any Way – Misguided Republicans Rejoice

President Barack Obama walking with Vice Presi...

Obama and Biden: Discussing coining the phrase "buck up"?

Dy’er Sez: If one tunes into either left or right wing talk shows, it’s easy to surmise that the Republican base is quite energized going into this election season, and the Democrat base is either strongly considering voting away from party lines or simply staying away from the polls en masse.

As an outsider to both parties, due to the overwhelming evidence that both groups of power brokers are simply two sides of the same crooked coin, it’s both fascinating and frightening to watch.  On the one hand, the current administration (and the Democrat majorities in the House) are a disgrace; after eight years of Bush and company people cried out for the change that was offered by the democrats – instead ire and frustration were simply used to elect the same type of criminal minded, power hungry, and thoroughly corrupt pathological liars in suits and tie that were in charge before.

On the other hand, it seems that the Republicans are about to sweep into power in the House and (barring some amazing or terrible happenstance) in two Years gain back the presidency. As we are, for all practical purposes, in Bush’s third term this change of power in the White House is not as drastic a departure as one would believe. The thing that mystifies me is that the American public is going from one pile of turd to another, back and forth, back and forth, hoping that one day one of these steaming, corn pocked mounds of stink will start to smell like roses.  And although deep down inside people know that these two groups are nothing more than…well, what they are, come Election Day the American public will once again chew the foil and pull the lever for one or the other of these contemptible organizations.

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Blog Update Complete!

Dyer Sez: OK, the blog update is complete. There are now well over 200 entries going back a few years for you to peruse. Any previous subscribers please feel free to re-subscribe without fear that your e-mail box is going to overflow with post notifications; to any new subscribers – dig in!

Thanks for your patience.

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Blog Notes About E-mail Updates

Those of you who are subscribed to this blog have recently gotten a load of e mail updates concerning stories posted. I am in the process of moving my old blog over from; there is no function that allows for the whole blog to be moved at one time, so I have to post each story from the old blog on to the new, one….at…a…time.

I didn’t think about the fact that each post, even if it’s dated from before the new blog even started, would generate an update e mail. I apologize for filling up anyone’s e-mail box…I assure you it wasn’t any kind of spam, just me trying to get all my old stuff in a new place. I will be at this, off and on, for a couple of more weeks, so if it doesn’t make you too crazy you can stay subscribed or you can unsubscribe until the process is over (but please RE-subscribe!). I’ll put up a post when the process is complete.

Again, I apologize for any inconveniences; thanks for your patience.

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Nearly A Million Dollars In Stimulus Money Spent Towards Teaching African Men to Wash Their Genitals


Perhaps sending some of these would have been more cost effective


Dy’er Sez: We in the US are most certainly feeling the strain of the current economic crisis, and every program rolled out to date has not turned the tide against the slow crumbling of our economy. One could wonder if the bailouts and stimulus programs which the government touted as the reparations needed for our flagging monetary situation were actually designed to help the citizens who pay into the coffers of government at all – or if they were intended as last ditch efforts to loot the treasury before the whole thing tumbles down.

According to CNS news, $823,200 dollars worth of stimulus money has gone into a program which seems to have no bearing on helping our economy in the least. Apparently the gist of the program, which is being implemented by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH),  is to send teams of researchers into Africa with the aim of teaching African men how to properly wash their genitals after sex.

I’ll pause for a moment so that last paragraph can sink in…

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Cops Bust In, Guns Raised…In A Bust Over Raw Milk?

Dyer Sez: I came across this story on the Setting Brush Fires blog. California cops organized a bust of a raw foods market; I’m not sure what dangers they thought they faced, but the stores video cameras showed the cops entering the premises with guns drawn like it was high noon at the OK Corral.

I’m not a raw foodist (nor even a heath foodist, for the most part) so perhaps I am underestimating the dangers that some organic broccoli or raw milk might pose.

To watch the video, click here.

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Digging Through Your Trash To Save The Planet – Here Come The Green Police

Dyer Sez: Once again, government has decided that it needs to track and trace the minutia of our daily existence in the name of the public interest.

The latest stratagem to be rolled out is the use of RFID tracking chips to monitor whether you are properly recycling your garbage. The plan is that these chips will be implanted in your trash bins in order to monitor the weight of your trash. If there are discrepancies in the amount of your trash and recyclables, uniformed investigators will be sent out to dig through your refuse to determine if you are separating your trash properly. If you are caught violating the ‘green’ statute you will receive a fine or, according to a Fox news story, be forced “into educational programs meant to instill respect for the environment.”

A number of cities (including areas of Idaho, Ohio and Michigan) have decided to utilize this program to track waste in the name of the public interest. But are the motives behind such heavy handed methods a case of ‘green’ idealism with apparent Orwellian tendencies, or simply a way to criminalize yet another minor aspect of life in order to enforce the rules of a ‘nanny state’ and to generate revenue for government (and private) coffers? Considering the oppressive direction our government has been moving in at a steady chugga-chug-chug in recent history, one could say that either – or both – of these ideas may be the end to the means.

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