Press Sec. Confronted By the Press

Dy’er Sez: This is a very telling confrontation between members of the press (including Democrat supporter, Helen “Pitbull” Thomas) and White House Press Secretary Gibbs. And they bring up an interesting point (which Gibbs tried hard, and failed, to deflect) by highlighting that the press had been told that they had to send in their questions ahead of time so they could be ‘approved’. What happened to the transparency that the President promised during his campaign?

The TV media and many newspapers are crying foul because so many people are turning to other sources to get their news: to me this is a sure signal that a great many people are either in a strong state of “I don’t give a damn” or that the common folk have figured out that the TV news (and a great many papers) are bought and paid for by big business and/or the powers that be. 

There has always been an effort by government to wrest control of the media (take, for example, Operation Mockingbird begun in the 1950’s, a CIA attempt to control the media) or to control content and opinion (Walt Williams being paid almost a quarter of a million dollars to promote No Child Left Behind). And recent goings on (like accusations of censorship on YouTube and Google Video, or the State Department telling Twitter to delay maintenance on it’s site so Iranian dissidents could send info to the US), and calls to control the content of the ‘Bloggers” (most recently Judges calling to ban blogs from linking to news stories, or the FTC going after people who write reviews) smack of a renewed (continued?)effort to control the flow of information.

And while we watch endless stock reels of dead celebrities for days on end on the TV news, a great many stories of great import go unannounced to the public (which Project Censored, thankfully, keeps track of).

Makes ya wonder.  I hope.

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