CIA Admits Lying to Congress Since 2001

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Dy’er Sez: I’ll betcha that if anyone really wanted to dig and force a little sunlight on the CIA, they would have to admit they have been, er, dishonest for a lot longer than that. Let’s not forget that lying to Congress is a federal crime so  Panetta and company should be tried and, if found guilty, be sent directly to jail (do not pass go…).

Interestingly enough, the disclosure was made behind closed doors so the American public has no idea what they have admitted to lying about. Panetta claims he did NOT lie about the recent controversey surrounding the CIA and Nancy Pelosi (even though house Democrats wanted hime to recant thoes statements after this came out; if you think about it, that’s deplorable too – the CIA lies and the best they can do is circle the wagons and protect one of thier own. De-friggen-scusting). Lesse, what has happened since 2001 that the CIA might have been lying about? Secret renditions? 9/11? Torture? Which governments they helped to topple? Whew, the list is long…

Here’s the story from the Guardian:

CIA director admitted lying to Congress, say Democrats Revelation contained in letter about director Leon Panetta’s secret testimony but Republicans say accusation is smokescreen

Haroon Siddique and agencies

The head of the CIA has admitted concealing “significant actions” from the US Congress over the past eight years, according to several Democrat members of the House intelligence committee.

Leon Panetta’s testimony was made behind closed doors, but yesterday the details of a letter written by Democrats to the intelligence chief discussing his committee appearance said the CIA had “misled members”.

Rush Holt, one of the signatories, would not identify the classified matter the CIA has been accused of lying about but said: “We wouldn’t be doing this over a trivial matter.”

The CIA has been accused in recent times of lying over its extraordinary rendition programme – grabbing suspects from other countries without formal extradition.


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