Obama Administration to Consider “Interrogation Unit”

Dy’er Sez: So, the current administration looked at what Bush did in utilizing the CIA for interrogations and said, “Awww shucks, we can one-up that!” If this does go through I’ll bet that the ability for congressional oversight will be even narrower than for the CIA, FBI, and NSA. 

 And notice that the story goes on at length about the closing (or lack thereof) of Guantanamo Bay, but devotes only one sentence buried in the middle of the story to the fact (which I posted about on July 7, 2008) that Obama has decided to hold prisoners indefinitely even if they are found innocent by military commissions (and even THAT sentence was phrased to be somewhat innocuous).

 A secret interrogation police: more change that we can believe in.

Story from the AP:

Official: US may create terror interrogation unit

By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer  

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is considering creating a special unit of professional interrogators to handle key terror suspects, focusing on intelligence-gathering rather than building criminal cases for prosecution, a government official said Saturday.

The recommendation is expected from a presidential task force on interrogation methods that plans to send some findings to the White House on Tuesday.

The official said the panel, which has not completed its work, has concluded that the unit of intelligence and law enforcement agencies should be created. The task force is unsure which agencies should have a role, though the CIA and FBI are expected to be important players, according to the official, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the panel’s work and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Ben LaBolt, a White House spokesman, said President Barack Obama has not reviewed the task force’s recommendations. The spokesman declined to discuss any findings. The recommendation about the new unit was first reported in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.

The unit’s structure would depart significantly from such work under the Bush administration, when the CIA had the lead and sometimes exclusive role in questioning al-Qaida suspects. The task force has not reached a conclusion as to which agency should lead the unit or where it should be based, the official said.


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