Swine Flu Vaccine is NOT Being Tested for Safety

Dy’er Sez: And yet another tid-bit that indicates that this push to vaccinate American citizens against the ‘Swine Flu” is either being totally mishandled, is being rushed along while the iron is hot in order to make a LOT of money, or is simply not in the best interest of the public.

Buried at the end of the following article is this quote:  

“The clinical trials are mainly aimed at calibrating the doses to give to patients, not to test if it is safe or not, officials stressed.

“We are not trying to find some yet unrecognized problem with the vaccine,” said Osterholm.”

Obviously the safety of the vaccine is not a priority (nor is it even on the table, apparently), but dosage is (which determines both effectiveness and profit per unit). How can ANY health problem with the vaccine be recognized at this point if IT HAS NEVER BEEN TESTED?

Also mentioned in the story are the statistics from the CDC (which I have mentioned numerous times in this blog) which show that almost 40,000 people die from the normal flu every year in the US, but the have only been confirmed 40,000 cases of swine flu so far and only 263 deaths. There is no reason, so far, to be pushing this vaccine as hard as the government is pushing it.

Story from AFP:

US gears for huge swine flu vaccination push

By Virginie Montet (AFP)

WASHINGTON(AFP) — Anxiously eyeing the approach of winter, US health officials are urgently gearing up for a huge vaccine campaign hoping Americans will swing behind efforts to protect them from swine flu.

“Ultimately, the number of people that we hope will be vaccinated before the fall winter wave of H1N1 arrives will exceed any of the previous vaccine campaigns that we’ve conducted in this country,” Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, told AFP.

“This is the largest vaccine effort the world has ever seen,” agreed Robin Robinson, director of the Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority (BARDA), quoted in the Washington Post.

But authorities also have to overcome a vocal debate in the United States about vaccinations, amid lingering suspicions among some parents that they are not safe for young children.

“At this point it is just really unclear to say how many will get vaccinated,” said Osterholm.


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