Georgia Shelling South Ossetia

Dy’er Sez: Last time tensions flared up in this region most of the TV news slanted the situation as a sneak attack by Russia on Georgia. This was, if one does a little homework, blatantly untrue; tensions had been flaring for months, and Georgia instigated the violence which soon turned into a massacre in South Ossetia until the Russian military show up.

South Ossetia is a protectorate of Russia. If Puerto Rico was attacked, wouldn’t you expect the American military to defend the island?

Once again the Georgians have apparently fired the first shot, so if the talking heads on your TV screen start telling you that Russia drew first blood again (and they probably will), you can rest assured that they are, based on track record, full of crap.

Story from RT:
South Ossetia under fire from Georgian territory

One year since the military conflict in the Caucasus, it is feared that hostilities might resume. South Ossetian authorities claim the republic’s capital Tskhinval was attacked from a Georgian village.

Two shells were reportedly fired from around five kilometers away from the Georgian village of Nikozi during the night. Luckily, no one was injured, a source at the Ossetian Defense Ministry told Interfax agency.  

According to a source at the South Ossetian information ministry, quoted by RIA Novosti agency, the shells targeted residential buildings.

The source added that it is the first case of Tskhinval coming under fire since the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in August last year.

At the same time, Tbilisi claims its village was also fired upon from South Ossetian territory.

The Georgian Interior Ministry has stated that fire was opened at around 11:30pm on Wednesday, targeting two villages – Khviti and Nikozi – and a police checkpoint. “Intensive shooting from assault rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers lasted for an hour.”


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