More Troops to be Called to Afghanistan

Dy’er Sez: So much for Obama’s promise to end the wars we are embroiled in. Let’s remember that the reason we were given for putting troops in Afghanistan was to go get Osama bin Laden. That was five years ago. We have the best military on the planet – if we haven’t gotten bin Laden yet it’s purely due to mismanagement (perhaps, intentional mismanagement in order to continue the operations).

And where are these extra troops going to come from? Either we are going to have to start sending our troops back for their 5th, 6th, or 7th tours, or the rhetoric that has been simmering in our government over the last few years about a draft is going to ramp up very soon.
Story from The Globe and Mail:

U.S. generals to demand thousands of additional soldiers for Afghanistan


Tens of thousands more U.S. soldiers may soon be needed in Afghanistan to quell the raging Taliban insurgency, top American generals are preparing to tell President Barack Obama.

A spate of apparently deliberate leaks – seemingly aimed at preparing public opinion for a second “surge” involving as many as three or four more brigades or 20,000-plus soldiers and Marines – culminated yesterday with several reports saying General Stanley McChrystal, who took command of U.S. and NATO forces in June, wants lots more troops.

The politically unpalatable news comes at the end of the bloodiest month in the bloodiest year since 2001 for U.S. and other foreign forces battling a resurgent Taliban, and on the same day the United Nations grimly warned that civilian casualties among war-weary Afghans soared this year.

As U.S. soldiers and Marines continue to pour into Helmand and Kandahar provinces, where the Taliban insurgency is strongest, Gen. McChrystal also wants a fundamental shift in strategy. Instead of the intermittent patrolling from static bases, the general, who played a major role in U.S. counter-insurgency operations in Iraq, wants small units to stay and live in Afghan villages and hamlets.


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