John Sez: I can’t even begin to sing the praises of Mr. Paul. In addition to being a guitar player non-parel, he was the inventor and innovator who(almost) single-handedly transformed the recording industry; think of where we would be without the electric guitar or multi-track recording. Although I use music technology which wasn’t available in Mr. Paul’s heyday, everything I use can trace its genesis to Les Paul.

 Although I never met the man, I owe him a great debt of gratitude. Rest easy, Les Paul. Thank you, sir. You will be remembered.

 Story from Press Association:

Guitar hero Les Paul dies, aged 94

Les Paul, the guitarist and inventor who changed the course of music with the electric guitar and multi-track recording has died, aged 94.

Paul died of complications from pneumonia at White Plains Hospital, New York, with his family and friends by his side.

As an inventor, Paul helped bring about the rise of rock and roll and multi-track recording, which enabled artists to record different instruments at different times, sing harmony with themselves then carefully balance the tracks in the finished recording.


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