Video from interview with Mr. Nader and Amy Goodman

Dy’er Sez: There has been a lot of rhetoric flying about concerning the health care bill that the Obama administration (as well as the Democrat party as a whole it seems). The problem is with a lot of what’s being said concerns a bill that has not been finalized; although I have no trust for the current administration or Congress (due to track record, not any sort of silly partisan line in the sand) I find that I have to reserve judgment on the bill itself until it’s presented (unless, of course, it is NOT presented before it’s voted on, much like the recent climate bill). In saying such there are some circumstances which lead me to believe that the bill is nothing more than a government controlled way to make very large corporations (and the politicians who love them) a great deal of money.

In addition, I find the basic premise of the bill disturbing. In a nutshell, all Americans will be forced to purchase some form of health insurance and be compelled to pay additional taxes (which are already too high) in order to offset the cost. If you decide to opt out of the forced insurance program you may…at the cost of an additional tax as well as the one you would pay to be part of the program itself.

The insurance packages will work in much the same way as they do now, except that the corperations will ultimately report to the government and that you cant be denied insurance ; in other words, the system is obviously broken, but instead of fixing the various problems the administration’s mindset is to build upon the already shaky foundation and expect the whole structure to stand firm.

Although pharmaceuticals from Canada and Mexico are cheaper (by half or more) for American citizens to purchase, said products will still be illegal to bring across the border. In effect, we (via the new taxes that are going to be attached to the program) are being forced to buy medications at a steeper rate, which will incur huge windfalls for the big Pharma companies.

And the fact that the Obama administration is cutting deals with the insurance and pharma industry lobbyists behind closed doors and is declining to even discus what those deals were about makes me really wonder if the entire mess is in the best interest of the American people or the huge corporations who have been jerking us around for years.

Like I mentioned, there is no actual bill to read from as of yet; there are a handful of proposed bills floating around which will be continuously changed and trifled with until the day a vote comes to the floor. Yet even staying out of the argument over the speculation of what may be included, one can find a great many faults with the whole affair.

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