Dy’er Sez: The recent outbreak of Polio in Nigeria, which has apparently been caused by the vaccine used to safeguard against outbreaks of Polio, simply illustrates once again that the vaccines that are being administered world-wide can prove not only to be dangerous or ineffectual, but that they can actually be the root of the problem itself. Take, for instance, the fact that Baxter (whom our government has purchased billions of dollars of swine flu vaccine from) sent out materials contaminated with flu virus to labs all over the globe; or that the swine flu itself was engineered as a weapon, and could have been released from a lab (intentionally?)

Consider this:  the H1N1 swine flu is a fast mutating virus (which has already been proven resistant to Tamiflu), but the vaccine is going to be based on an ‘older’ version of the flu – which means that it might simply be ineffective; the vaccine is not being tested for safety at all; some countries, like the Czech Republic, are refusing to administer the vaccine to it’s people due to safety concerns; if you do get the vaccine and something goes wrong, you have NO legal recourse to file a grievance with the maker of that vaccine or the government; and according to the CDC’s own figures, relatively few people have actually died from the virus (in fact, they claim that over a million people have contracted the swine flu in the US already – if that is the case, and it is so deadly, how come there have only been 7,511 people even hospitalized for the flu, and only 447 deaths?).

Add to all that how the US government is gearing up for the supposed ‘epidemic’: buying billions of dollars of the vaccine, sight unseen, product untested; rhetoric about mandatory vaccinations; military training for clashes with citizens over swine flu vaccine and the Pentagon asking for clearance to deploy 400,000 troops in the US; and open talk about declaring martial law due to the outbreak of the flu.

In my opinion, the numbers of cases show that the severity of the so-called epidemic do not warrant the preparedness action taken by the government so far…the numbers simply don’t jibe. So this begs the question: is there something that they are not telling us about his flu, or is this just an excuse to execute the largest power grab in the history of our republic?

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