Dy’er Sez: Back in June I posted about how the EPA was suppressing data which was opposed to the current theory of global warming. And now, only after it was about to be legally forced to become public, the data which all the models that the global warming theory are based on mysteriously disappears. Add to that the amount of money which is being made from ‘Green” products and services (and the fact that a whole new stock market of sorts is being set up in order to generate even more money via carbon credits), and one can surmise that things aren’t what they seem to be.

As far as I’m concerned, the planet needs our help – but the folks who have offered us the problem/reaction/solution have lost all creditability.

Story from The Register:

Global Warming ate my data We’ve lost the numbers: CRU responds to FOIA requests

By Andrew Orlowski

The world’s source for global temperature record admits it’s lost or destroyed all the original data that would allow a third party to construct a global temperature record. The destruction (or loss) of the data comes at a convenient time for the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia – permitting it to snub FoIA requests to see the data.

The CRU has refused to release the raw weather station data and its processing methods for inspection – except to hand-picked academics – for several years. Instead, it releases a processed version in gridded form. NASA maintains its own (GISSTEMP), but the CRU Global Climate Dataset, is the most cited surface temperature record by the UN IPCC. So any errors in CRU cascade around the world, and become part of “the science”.

In 2007, in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, CRU initially said it didn’t have to fulfil the requests because “Information accessible to applicant via other means Some information is publicly available on external websites”.

Now it’s citing confidentiality agreements with Denmark, Spain, Bahrain and our own Mystic Met Office. Others may exist, CRU says in a statement, but it might have lost them because it moved offices. Or they were made verbally, and nobody at CRU wrote them down.


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