Dy’er Sez: Considering the cost, in lives and money, that the two current battlefronts are costing us, I can see no good reason to start using our military ANYWHERE else right now. Our military is already stretched too thin, and we have troops going back for five and six tours in battle zones already; we have no resources left to even think about starting an incursion anywhere else. Unless, of course, someone thinks this might be a good idea to legitimize the call for a national draft.

I can’t blame other South American countries for getting antsy about this. In fact, Iran has been feeling similar pressure over the last 8 years as well (if you haven’t figured out just why Iran is so anti-American currently – as opposed to a longer running resentment that has to do with the fact that the US installed their previous dictator, the Shah, who was responsible for the worst genocides in Iran’s history – take a look at a globe. Find Iraq. Find Afghanistan. What’s right between ‘em?) because of our current occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Its very obvious to any countries which are near any US theater of war that the possibility of an invasion or ‘accidental’ missile hits which will kill a great many of their people is a looming probability.

Additionally, considering the basis on which we have entered into our current wars, I have no trust that anything the military is ordered to do will be the right thing for our country.

Story from Raw Story:

Deal: United States soldiers will deploy to Colombia

By Stephen C. Webster

Chavez: ‘The winds of war [are] beginning to blow’

Some American troops will soon find themselves stationed at military bases scattered across the South American nation of Colombia with a mission to use advanced Predator drone technology to aid in fighting the drug trade and to combat terrorism, according to published reports Saturday. But Colombia’s neighbors certainly do not see it that way.

In Venezuela, officials bristled. President Hugo Chavez warned, “the winds of war [are] beginning to blow.”

Chavez has already accused Colombian troops of making an incursion over the border and regional tensions are running high. Honduran de-facto President Rafael Correa also took exception, saying the United States would target Colombia’s neighbors if the deal is finalized.

“It has also sparked concern from moderate Colombian allies, such as Chile and Brazil, who want assurances that U.S. forces won’t be operating outside Colombia’s territory,” The Wall Street Journal adds.


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