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Dy’er Sez: Recently, Obama has extended a contract to Blackwater (now Xe)to have them control the areal drones that are flying into Afghanistan on kill missions (you know the missions I’m talking about; every couple of days we hear a story about how a US missile strike ‘mistakenly’ hit women and children, or schools, or hospitals, and so on).

This is the same company founded by Eric Prince, who is being investigated for the murder of whistle-blowers against his company, and who thinks of himself as a modern day “Templar” on a holy quest to wipe out the Muslims from the ‘Holy Land”; the same Blackwater who indiscriminately killed Iraqi civilians; the same mercenaries who were contracted to carry out assassinations by our government; the same unsavory bunch that used post-Katrina New Orleans at a stomping ground and turkey-shoot.

Add to this mess the fact that contractors outnumber American soldiers by half in Afghanistan (and possibly in Iraq as well), and there is no doubt that this reliance (alliance?) with these mercenary groups is way out of hand.

Blackwater is being hired to do jobs that would be considered illegal according to our own rules of military conduct; what better way to not have to be held accountable by the public if you hold office than to have your own personal military, for which Congress has no oversight powers? Additionally, the amount of money being laid out to these killers-for-hire is astronomically higher that what we pay for our uniformed military, so it’s obvious that greed has a part in this play. We have vets homeless, suicidal, and not receiving the care they are supposed to from the VA because of an apparent lack of funds (personally, I think the powers that be simple don’t give a crap unless they can turn it into a partisan issue or a good sound bit), but the Pentagon, the DOD, and the Executive branch can still find the funding to hire these mercenaries at an above premium price.

If Obama is the great caregiver, the fair and honest man, the pseudo-messianic figure that some make him out to be, why is he putting these apparent villains on his payroll (and to folks who supported the Bush administration who are nodding along with my anti-Obama sentiment, let’s not forget that is was YOUR guy who brought these killers-for-hire to power and prominence)? Recently, one of Obama’s top advisors was asked the same question at a press conference, and the best answer she could come up with was: trust him. I’m sorry, but I don’t. He hasn’t earned it.

As a sitting President, here is no reason to have a private Army on one’s payroll unless you intend to use them for something that is illegal (like assassinations or to cause terror in a population), or to use them against someone or something that the American military is sworn to protect (that is, the American people and the Constitution), or to generate huge sums of money- based on the amount of bloodshed that you can cause- for yourself and other ‘business associates’.

The whole idea is repugnant and morally bankrupts, to say the least, and does not speak well at all of the current and prior administrations. Considering we are footing the bill and are not speaking out against this nearly enough, it speaks very little of We the People as well.

Story from Press TV:      

‘Af-Pak ‘ mission allows Blackwater to kill more

The Obama administration has retained services of the notorious Blackwater guards to carry out drone attacks in Afghanistan, a new report reveals.

Despite controversial records of indiscriminate civilian killings in Iraq during the Bush administration, the shadowy US-based paramilitary security company has continued its ongoing relationship with Washington under President Barack Obama.

A fresh report by the New York Times revealed on Friday that Blackwater USA has been contracted to work with the unmanned Predator drones that carry out assassinations and terrorize villages in eastern and southern Afghanistan and the border regions of Pakistan.

It added that Blackwater personnel also ‘assemble and load Hellfire missiles and 500-pound laser-guided bombs’ — a work formerly carried out by the CIA.

Blackwater, which has changed its name to Xe Services LLC, began assisting the CIA in Afghanistan after gaining a contract to protect a new intelligence station in Kabul in 2002.

The drone assassination program under Obama’s ‘Af-Pak theater’ mission — which has left many civilians dead — shows no substantive distinction to the Bush administration’s hiring of Blackwater to carry out ‘targeted assassinations‘ in Iraq with snipers and ambushes.


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