Dy’er Sez: After last year’s spanking of Georgia by Russia after the former country attempted to wrest control (as well as create an ethnic genocide incident) of South Ossetia, I wonder why Georgia thinks it could come out ahead in another confrontation with the bear.

Unless, of course,  the Georgian government was promised something by outside forces which are emboldening their actions. Hmmmm…but who (maybe the Russian subs patrolling off of our Eastern coast is a sign that the Russians think WE may have something to do with it)? And what was offered? Or are the Georgians simply out of their friken minds? 

Story from

Georgia Seizes Cargo Ships, Presses Naval Blockade on Abkhazia

Posted By Jason Ditz

The Georgian government yesterday confirmed to the Agence-France Presse that it had captured two cargo ships in the Black Sea, which it accused of attempted to break their naval blockade by visiting the Republic of Abkhazia.

Abkhazia, predictably, was none to pleased with the capture of the ships: one a Turkish tanker delivering fuel and the other a Cambodian ship with a Syrian crew which was delivering scrap metal, and threatened a “proportionate response” against Georgia for the blockade.

Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia in July 1992, and has been enjoying de facto independence ever since, though that claim has never been recognized by Georgia. Following last year’s brief Russo-Georgian War, the Russian government formally recognized Abkhazia’s independence.


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