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Dy’er Sez: This is simply ridiculous and not the least bit scary. By hiding behind the shield of ‘national security’ the CIA, in effect, has declared themselves free from any oversight by anyone. Let’s not forget, as a part of the government THEY work for US; they should not enjoy the ability to be above the law any more than the average citizen.

And as for the President, I wonder what he is so afraid of in these proceedings which he keeps trying to block over and over again?

See folks, the rest of the world doesn’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for this kind of crap.

Story from Raw Story:

CIA refuses to release torture documents

The Central Intelligence Agency has refused to turn over documents they were ordered to produce to a civil rights group under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

A federal judge ordered the agency to produce the documents — relating to the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program and secret prisons — by Monday, or provide a justification for withholding them. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Obama’s Justice Department has refused to provide more documents. The Department had been instructed to release a presidential directive authorizing CIA “black sites” as well as CIA inspector general (IG) records and documents from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel regarding the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

In a filing Monday, the CIA said they wouldn’t turn over the documents, claiming their publication would threaten national security.


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