Bank of America Tower in New York City.

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Dy’er Sez: This is, by far, one of the most moronic and simply-minded acts of stupidity and discrimination that I have ever heard of in my life. That it happened in my neck of the woods doesn’t surprise me, but makes me feel even more disgusted.

The teller, in my opinion, was not at fault. She found herself in a situation where she was required to make a decision that she was simply not authorized to make. But the bank manager has absolutely no excuse whatsoever. And, to think that our tax dollars bailed out this consumer unfriendly and insipid institution.

I hope for two things: that Bank of America looses a great deal of business from this piece of bad press and that the lawsuit which is sure to follow breaks  a payout record.

Story from channel 10, Tampa:

  Bank wants thumbprint from man with no hands
  Mike Deeson

Tampa, Florida — While most banks require a thumbprint to cash a check from someone who doesn’t have an account, a Tampa man says that policy was impossible to comply with.

Steve Valdez says he was shocked when he was told he had to put his thumbprint on a check written on his wife’s Bank of America check. Valdez says the check was written to him with the same address he has on his driver’s license. Although he had two forms of identification both with pictures, the bank still required Valdez to give a thumbprint before it would cash the check.

But that was impossible, because Valdez was born without arms and wears prosthetic devices.

According to Valdez, when he gave the teller the check, she said “Obviously you can’t give a thumbprint.” But Valdez says the manager refused to cash the check unless he did.


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