Dy’er Sez: Every day (literally) I read or see a news story about cops abusing their power or perpetrating violence against people who truly don’t deserve it(normally I would link to some stories to back up this claim, but there are so many and they are so frequent, that I couldn’t even possibly keep up. Try starting with YouTube, and do a keyword search on “police abuse”…that alone should keep you busy for a couple of hours).  It was bad enough that corrupt, power tripping cops have been getting  tazer-happy while out on the beat, but now it seems that the situation has escalated to where cops are shooting people (the fire chief of this town, no less!) in court-houses.

There are a lot of good cops out there…I would even venture to say that most law enforcement are trying to do the right thing, but there is going to be an inevitable violent backlash against uniformed officers is this type of behavior continues. Add to this that very few of these incidences ever seem to be punished (even when the evidence is overwhelming that the cop is guilty), and I really believe that the powder keg is close to exploding.

Story from AP:

Fire chief shot by cop in Ark. court over tickets

By JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press Writer

JERICHO, Ark. – It was just too much, having to return to court twice on the same day to contest yet another traffic ticket, and Fire Chief Don Payne didn’t hesitate to tell the judge what he thought of the police and their speed traps.

The response from cops? They shot him. Right there in court.

Payne ended up in the hospital, but his shooting last week brought to a boil simmering tensions between residents of this tiny former cotton city and their police force. Drivers quickly learn to slow to a crawl along the gravel roads and the two-lane highway that run through Jericho, but they say sometimes that isn’t enough to fend off the city ticketing machine.


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