Dy’er Sez: This is an affront to anyone who voted for Obama (as well as those who didn’t) in hopes he would end the needless wars we are involved in. This move serves two purposes: first, so the White House can play a little politics with the general public and say, “See, we lessened the number of troops in Iraq”, when, in fact, they will have raised the number of boots on the ground (and spend more of tax-payer money on overpriced contractors); second, so they can redeploy these soldiers from Iraq to Afghanistan – a move already hinted at by numerous people including General McCrystal.

Seems to me like this is another carrover from the last administration: keep the wars going at all cost, and privitize as much as you can so certain people make huge sums of money shedding the blood of Americans as well as thoes we are attcking.

Story from Raw Story:

US actually increasing personnel in Iraq: More contractors, fewer troops US forces are not withdrawing from Iraq.

Well, its soldiers are. But not civilian contractors. Despite President Barack Obama’s pledge to withdraw US troops from the war-torn country, the US is planning to award contracts to protect US installations at a cost to taxpayers that could near $1 billion.

In fact, the Multi-National Force-Iraq just awarded $485 million in contracts just last week, while Congress enjoyed its summer recess. Five firms will handle private security deals to provide security for US bases. It’s a neat rhetorical loophole that will allow US officials to say that the country has withdrawn from Iraq, while its contractors remain.

“Under a similar contract with five security contractors that began in September 2007, the MNF-I spent $253 million through March 2009, with needs growing over that 18-month period,” the Washington Post’s Walter Pincus wrote in Wednesday editions. “That contract, which was to run three years, had a spending limit of $450 million.

Pincus cites an Inspector General’s report, whose fine print notes that these contracts could swell to a whopping $935 million. An earlier IG report documented manifold allegations of fraud and government waste (PDF here).


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