Cover of "The Best of Vera Lynn"

Cover of The Best of Vera Lynn

Dy’er Sez: Note to the mainstream recording industry – The fact that a 92 year old woman’s ‘best of’ collection is kicking the crap out of your carefully groomed, MTV friendly, pre-packaged ‘mega-stars’ whom you have millions on to promote, shows very clearly that you have absolutely no idea what the music consuming public really wants. It’s not the downloads that are cutting into your profits, Mr. Suit in a tower, it’s the public letting you know that there is more to music than a pretty face and slick packaging.

Kudos Vera! Good for you!

Story from AP:

At 92, Dame Vera Lynn has Britain’s No. 1 record

By JENNIFER QUINN, Associated Press Writer LONDON – At age 92, Dame Vera Lynn has beaten the Arctic Monkeys and even the Beatles to capture the No. 1 record in Britain.

The singer who 70 years ago recorded an evocative reminder of home for British soldiers fighting far away on Monday became the oldest living artist to have a No. 1 record in Britain when her album “We’ll Meet Again — The Very Best of Vera Lynn” took the top spot.



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