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Dy’er Sez: Although this is being touted as sucess by law enforcement, Think about those figures for a second. Now compound that thought with this factoid released by the FBI – almost 83% of those arrests were for simple possession.

It’s very obvious that there is something extremely wrong with the so called ‘war on drugs’. Just like prohibition in the 30’s, when the people find that the yoke of government interfering in their private lives is too heavy a burden, a sub-culture begins to grow and the laws which are considered unjust are ignored or trivialized. If over a million people were busted for holding pot, then a conservative estimate to my mind is that more than 50 million smoke pot – based on that assumption,  perhaps the criminalization of ‘soft’ drugs, like marijuana, needs to re-evaluated.

Unfortunately, the ‘war on drugs’ is a HUGE money making industry for certain sectors of the government (law enforcement, manufacturers of law enforcement products, public and privately owned prisons, lobbyists, and consultants, consultants, consultants),which rake in billions a year … simply to bust people with user amounts of marijuana, it seems. If that revenue stream were dried up by the legalization of marijuana, a lot of very wealthy people, groups and companies might find their pocket money had disappeared.

For the record, I do not smoke pot (nor partake of any other supposed ‘illicit’ substances),but when we have a system which enforces laws for the sake of profit it would seem to me that something is very wrong with the system itself.

Story from Raw Story:

FBI figures: One drug bust in US every 18 seconds

By Stephen C. Webster

America is a nation at war, overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at home.

According to the newly released Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report for 2008 every 18 seconds someone is arrested and charged with violating drug laws.

Another striking figure in the report: of the 1,702,537 drug arrests in 2008, 82.3 percent were for simple possession of a contraband substance. Nearly half, 44 percent, were for possession of marijuana.

According to San Francisco Weekly’s calculations, 2008 saw one marijuana arrest every 37 seconds


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