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Dy’er Sez: This is utterly preposterous. As a parent myself, I know that when you have a baby and a camera you end up snapping photos of everything. An innocent shot of a baby in the bath tub (or being breast fed, as in a previous case) is not child pornography, and any CPS goon, prosecutor, or member of law enforcement who thinks it is can be classified as nothing more than a possibly power –tripping idiot that should not serve the public (nor draw a paycheck from our tax dollars) in any capacity.

And, as for the lawsuit that these parents have filed, I can only hope that they come away with a huge settlement (against both the state and Wal-Mart) and that this recieves national attention.

Story from Constitutional Law Scholar, Jonathan Turley’s Blog:

Arizona Couple Sues Wal-Mart After Store Calls the Police on Them For Developing Pictures of Their Children in a Bathtub — And the Children Are Taken By the State

An Arizona coupe, Lisa and Anthony “A.J.” Demaree, have filed an interesting lawsuit against Walmart (and the state) after being accused of sexual abuse and having their children taken away the State. Their suspected crime? Developing pictures of their children taking a bath.
We have been following these ridiculous cases of parents arrested for taking innocent pictures, here and here. It appears that if you want to develop pictures of your children at Walmart, you need sit them fully dressed at least two feet apart in any given frame.

What makes this lawsuit so interesting is the inclusion of Walmart as a party. I am not sure what this blog would do without Walmart. When Walmart is not destroying Civil War historical areas, it is supplying blogs with a steady supply of abusive corporate conduct here and here and here), crimes committed by employees (here and here and here), or crimes by customers (here and here and here and here and here).


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