Dy’er Sez:  I’ve been hearing a lot of rhetoric over the last few weeks about how anyone who opposes President Obama or his administration is doing so not because they are in disagreement with what the President is doing (or NOT doing, in regards to the many, many, many promises he has broken so far), but because they are some sort of right-wing extremist racist.

This is the most inane, moronic, simple-minded thing I have ever heard. At the same time, as a tool of propaganda with the intent to chill free speech and expression as well as stifle dissent from the public at large, it is villainously brilliant. In either case, it it absolutely wrong.

I grew to despise Bush (as well as many of his cronies like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Rice) for what I view as a purposeful destruction of our civil liberties and the spirit of the Constitution in order to gain a great deal of power and make incredible amounts of money . I now despise Obama (as well as many of his co-horts, like Biden, Napolitano, and Emanuel) for the same reason. Race has nothing to do with the stomach-churning loathing I have for the powers that be who are doing everything they can to turn the country I love into a cess-pool of corporatism, corruption, and tyranny.

So, who still wants to call me a racist? Those who do, answer these questions first:

Are you for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and do you want to start new ones with Pakistan, Iran, Somalia and Russia?

Do you believe that the patriot act should stand as is?

Do you think that the military commissions act should stand as is?

Do you think that POW’s we have captured in combat should be held for life in secret prisons, even when a military tribunal has found them innocent of actions against the US?

Do you think the Office of the Presidents has the Constitutional right, or even a really good reason, for tracking what the citizenry of the US does on the internet (note: I said the office of the PRESIDENT, not the executive branch)?

Do you think that it is right that the US has more mercenaries on their payroll than any other country on the planet?

Do you think that giving enough tax dollars to the bankers (who got us into our current financial mess, and who spent over 32 BILLION dollars on bonuses for themselves with the bailout money) to put your next ten generations into serious debt the day they are born was a justifiable action?

Do you think its right that Obama has made sure that the LAST administration will never be taken to task for war crimes?

If you answered yes to many of the questions above, then you are either a partisan moron who will back anything the President or the Democrats do, or you and I have some very serious ideological differences. If you have no idea what I am talking about with the questions above, the you need to stop bantering about the term ‘racist’, scroll to the right of this page, click on the ‘Government’ tab, and start reading (and, for God’s sake, turn OFF the TV news!). If you answered no to many of the questions, then  you need to come to terms with the fact that much of what you thought was wrong with the Bush administration has either continued or has been accelerated by the Obama administration, and that my complaints against Obama are YOUR complaints against Obama.

My adversarial stance, as I hope you can see by this point, has nothing to do with any particular shade of skin; despotism and tyranny comes in any color, under any flag.

I am NOT a racist…and I WILL NOT shut up and sit down for Obama, Bush, nor anyone else while my country rots and breaks under the weight of corporatism and fascist tyranny.

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