Dy’er Sez: What an incredible bit of tech this is. Of course, using it simply for advertising is not going to really peek into the possibilities. Greeting cards, video content in magazines and news papers (think Harry Potter), band posters (think of a young girl squealing with delight at her full video Jonas Brother poster on her wall), and clothing with video screens (dry clean only?) are all potential uses of this tech. 

 I’ll bet that this will be very common tech soon, and we will see it everywhere and on everything within ten years.

Story from the BBC:

Video appears in paper magazines

The first-ever video advertisement will be published in a traditional paper magazine in September.

The video-in-print ads will appear in select copies of the US show business title Entertainment Weekly.

The slim-line screens – around the size of a mobile phone display – also have rechargeable batteries.

The chip technology used to store the video – described as similar to that used in singing greeting cards – is activated when the page is turned.

Each chip can hold up to 40 minutes of video.

The first clips will preview programmes from US TV network CBS and show adverts by the drinks company Pepsi.


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