Dy’er Sez: In a peculiar report from the AP, the town of Hardin, Montana, is being patrolled by men driving around in vehicles marked as “City of Hardin, Police Dept”. This would not seem out of the ordinary, but Hardin doesn’t have a police force as they fall under the jurisdiction of the local Sherriff’s office.

Apparently, a group of mercenaries from the company American Police Force (APF) are behind this charade. According to their attorney, Maziar Mafi (who has only been with the company for a month), they are a spin off from another mercenary company (which the attorney, as well as a city official and a representative of this company,  declined to name). Strangely, there is no record of the company in government documents, including those pertaining to government contracts; spokespeople for the State Department and the DOD have denied any record of the company.

Their main office is listed in Washington, DC, just up the street from the White House; but there is no office there, just a company which offers a ‘virtual’ office space to its clients. A spokes person for this ‘virtual space’ company claimed that APF had made a pending offer for a virtual office space, but had never finalized the contract – in effect, the address is a lie.

An AP reporter found another office for the company (a modest single suite on the second floor of a two story office building) in Santa Ana, where he found a man who called himself Captain Michael. This uniformed representative for the company refused to answer any questions about the company, instead referring the reported to their website. I personally checked the website for information, but to my dismay, the site had either been taken down or didn’t exist (other news reports quoting from the website, including the mention that this company is in the arm dealing business selling assault rifles in Afghanistan,  lead me to believe that the site was intentionally taken down).

AFP does have a contract with Hardin to patrol a currently empty prison facility in the city’s limits, and to (according to the contract) find a way to fill the jail with inmates in order to turn a profit for the city  (although it is unknown exactly how the company is planning to go about this) . The company has also apparently promised $30 million dollars of works in the city of Hardin, including a military training facility which will have housing space for 250 people (even though the company doesn’t exist according to government records, claims a bogus virtual office in DC, doesn’t have a working website, and occupies a small suite in a small commercial property in California).  But there is no known contract to allow these guns-for-hire to act as a local police force, much less to be riding around in vehicles marked as the City’s police impersonating cops.

So, exactly who are these guys? And why do they think they can blatantly break the law and pose as police officers when they have not been hired to do so? Apparently they seem to think that they have been accorded the privilege of acting outside the law.

Is this some sort of rogue paramilitary group taking over a town in Montana, or do government officials (both local and federal) know a heck of a lot more about this then they are letting on? If the former, I would like to see some action taken against this group of hired killers (from my research so far, nothing is being done at all). If the latter, then the only reason for such a cover up is to keep something incredibly nefarious out of the public eye and away from the scrutiny of citizens.

For more on this very strange tale read here and here

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