Dy’erSez: There has been a huge push in the TV news and government agencies to make sure everyone gets their dose of the swine flu vaccine – rhetoric about martial law style check-points, making the vaccine part of the recommended shot list for school children (remember, there is NO law on the books anywhere in the US which says a child must get a shot to go to school ), and even the Governor of Maryland claiming that getting the shot is our ‘patriotic duty’.

It seems that this rhetoric has gone from mere talk, and has begun to enter the realm of practiced reality.

The state of New Jersey has recently mandated that every child who attends day-dare and pre-school will have to get the flu shot or they will be removed from class (see video #1 below). And although there was a large protest in NJ by concerned parents who wanted to have the ability to opt-out of their children recienving the vaccine, the state government has refused to back down. According to Dr. Christina Tan of the NJ State Dept. of Health, “If we allow parents to pick and choose…the particular vaccine choices for their children that they can potentially put, not only their own kids at risk, but also the community at risk.”

This is a worrisome state of affairs, to say the least, particularly the words of Dr. Tan. In effect, she is claiming that the government has declared themselves the ultimate authority over our children, and that they are the final arbiter of what is best for our kids

Additionally, the last part of her statement is a pure fallacy. If a group of people don’t get the vaccine, and the vaccine is as effective as they claim it is, how could the un-vaccinated group possibly be a threat to anyone who has already gotten the shot? Short answer: they can’t be.

In New York State, health care workers recently staged a protest over the mandating of the vaccines as a condition of employment(see video #2 below). While not officially ‘mandatory’ (and considering the current job market), this move does not leave much choice for the State’s health care workers. Going a little further, if people in the HEALTH field are refusing to get the flu shots, should that not raise some legitimate concerns in the rest of us?

Also, workers in nationwide Children’s hospital in Ohio have been told that if they decline the flu shot, their salaries would be frozen and their bonuses would be forfeit.

Personally, I don’t think that these will be the only incidences. I believe that its only a matter of time before we see other fields (government workers, emergency responders, school teachers and so on) given the choice of the vaccine or their job, as well as making the flu vaccines part of the recommended list for all school children (again, there is NO law for kids to take a shot to go to school – it is a ‘recommendation’ which has become an enforced mandate). After that, there are still a whole lot of people left to vaccinate – perhaps we just might see those ‘check-points’ we have been warned about

video #1

video #2

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