Dy’er Sez: The story, which I first wrote about a few days ago, was weird enough to begin with but new twists and turns have simply left me scratching my head.

APF has been incredibly secretive about who they are and who their ‘parent’ company is. But some news has come out which sheds more light on the subject – and at the same time opens up a new line of questions.

First, the man who calls himself “Capt. Michael” has been exposed as Michael Hilton (who has gone by the monikers Miodrag Dokovich, Michael Hamilton, Hristian Djokich and Michael Djokovich in the past), in a Montenegro ex-pat, and an apparent career criminal and convicted felon. In addition to two filed bankruptcies, he was sentenced to six years in prison for defrauding investors out of over a million dollars, and six counts of grand theft. Hilton also claimed to have advised military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan; claims, according to the AP, which are a blatant lie.

There are also some preliminary reports that APF might be a front company for XE, the new name for Blackwater, the infamous killers for hire who have been under a great deal of legal fire, whose members killed innocents in Iraq, and who’s founder is under investigation for ordering the murders of whistle blowers against his company.

State representative Robert Ebinger said in a recent interview that the Montana Constitution may have been violated by the mercenaries; as well, it would seem,  as those who have contracted them. Article 2 section 33 of the Montana Constitution Titled Importation of Armed Persons, which states, “No armed person or persons or body of men shall be brought into the state for the presentation of the peace or the suppression of domestic violence unless the application of the legislature or of the governor when the legislature cannot be convened.”

Although this would seem to be a huge concern, very little (other than some investigative reporting) is being done about it. The FBI will not confirm or deny that they are investigating this mess in Hardin, but they did claim that they are aware of the situation.

More as it comes out.

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