Dy’er Sez: Apparently that poor excuse for afterbirth, Glen Beck, was praising the new CD by the band Muse(a band I’ve been diggin’ for years, since I first heard the track ‘Muscle Museum’ on a CMJ compelation CD) on his show. It seems that someone associated with the band heard his faux fawning, and it wasn’t long before Beck received an e-mail from a representative of the band telling him to cease his praise.

Beck (and I spell that with a capitol MORON) has been trying so very, very hard to co-opt as many grass roots movements as he possibly can over the last couple of years. He has tried to stamp his ‘brand’ on tea parties, ‘end the fed’, the Ron Paul Revolution, and just about every other topic covered by radio host Alex Jones. And speaking of Jones, he’s a fan of Muse (and they are fans of his, apparently) and has even had them on his show a couple of times.

Not to be insulting, but anyone who follows this mewling simpleton Beck need s to take a step back and re-evaluate their gullibility quotient. He’s nothing more than a modern day snake-oil salesmen. Like Limbaugh…and Hannity….and O’rieley…and Cooper….and Blitzer…and Zakaria….and Olbermann ( I had really high hopes for him)…and Scarborough…and Sanchez…and Tony Harris of CNN – in my opinion, the award winner for the most simple-minded TV news presenter.

Story from the London telegraph:

Muse tell Glenn Beck to retract endorsement

Glenn Beck, the Fox News commentator, was forced to withdraw an endorsement for the British rock band Muse after they complained that he misrepresented their political beliefs

Beck, an outspoken conservative known for his caustic attacks on Barack Obama, praised a song on the band’s new album The Resistance for warning against the dangers of “one world government”.

Describing their music as “absolutely fantastic”, Beck implied that the band members shared his concern about the centralisation of power by liberal politicians.

He repeatedly compared the lyrics of United States of Eurasia to George Orwell’s anti-totalitarian novel 1984, in which the world is divided into three superstates including Eurasia.

“These guys are brilliant, they know the time that we live in. They are libertarians from England,” he said on his nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Glenn Beck Program.

“All of the lyrics are… dead on, on what’s coming our way.”

But Beck withdrew his recommendation after being emailed during the show by a representative of the band.

“They would like me to retract my endorsement,” Beck told listeners. “My apologies to Muse for saying that I like them. I didn’t mean to destroy all their credibility and all their coolness.


And here’s one of my favorites from Muse:

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