Dy’er Sez: Dr. Oz (who has his own talk show on ABC from what I am told…I’ve never seen it) showed up on CNN, and spent almost five minutes waxing poetic about how we should roll up our sleeves and take the swine flu vaccination. Apparently, he recently took the shot in a much-ado-about-nothing type of segment on his show to illustrate how wonderful the vaccine is.

But watch the video below very closely: at about 4:40 (for those of you who may be short on time or want to get to the meat…but I would watch the whole thing from the start – it really builds the suspense) CNN’s talking head asks the doctor to convince her of the safety of the vaccine, and the shill in a suit answers the following: “I’m gonna get it, if that helps at all. But I’ll tell you my wife is not gonna immunize my kids”. So, Dr. Oz, you can go on TV and tell millions of viewers to roll up their sleeves for the sake of their health, but you can’t convince your own family to do it?

So that means that his wife thinks he’s a really crappy doctor, or that she (and he) knows something about the vaccine (or the reason why it’s being pushed so hard) that Dr. Oz is simply not willing to share.  Wonder what the price of selling his soul was?

Video from CNN

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