Dy’er Sez: Ok, kids, repeat after me…

Meet the new boss…same as the old boss.

And note that the article quotes Obama as climing that the countries on his terrorist hot list are on there for ‘threats against Washington’, not against the US. Finally a little truth from a politico…the terrorists don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for thier own freedoms being denied by Washington.

Story from PressTV:

US ‘will’ disregard borders in terrorist hunt, says Obama

Afghanistan and Pakistan are not the Pentagon’s sole targets in its war on terror, says Obama adding that the US will not hesitate to attack anywhere it deems a threat.

US President Barack Obama, speaking at the Counterterrorism Center in McLean Virginia on Tuesday, pledged that the US would target al-Qaeda “wherever they take root” and do everything to wipe out safe havens, where Osama bin Laden’s network can plot against the United States.

“The United States and our partners have sent an unmistakable message: We will target al-Qaida wherever they take root,” he said, Xinhua reported.

The US president cited East Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf in addition to Afghanistan and Pakistan, as the hotbeds for terrorist activities and what he called threats against Washington.


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