Dy’er Sez: We haven’t seen much swine flu in the US (or the world for that matter) for a while now. Considering that tens of thousands have gotten the Flu Mist in the last week, would it be a stretch to think that a new outbreak was caused by the vaccine?


Story from AssociatedContent:

H1N1 FluMist ~ the Nasal Spray that Keeps on Giving! 
by Sherry Tomfeld

Everyone has to be responsible for their own decisions. If you are afraid of catching the H1N1 flu this year. You may be pondering whether to get a flu shot or using the H1N1 FluMist.

The FluMist is administered into your nostrils. Before making your final decision, you may want to ask some questions and think of some consequences to taking the H1N1 FluMist nasal spray.

The H1N1 FluMist is made with “live” virus. This means that the H1N1 flu will be a part of the nasal spray formula. It’s supposed to be just enough to start your immunity to build defenses to it. The shot is supposed to be a killed virus.

If you take the H1N1 FluMist, you will in fact become a carrier of the H1N1 flu. Information on this drug states that you can and will shed the virus for up to 21 days. That means as you are visiting with your elderly family members, or shopping in the isles of your grocery store or sitting in church with young children and people with immune problems, YOU are going to be shedding the virus H1N1 germs.

If you are a person that cannot tolerate the shot or the FluMist for the H1N1 flu, you are a sitting duck when it comes to being around people who have taken the FluMist. The use of FluMist is for people ages 2 – 49. How many people do you come into contact each day that don’t fit the age range?


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