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Dy’er Sez: Ok, I can go on for many, many pages about the wars we are embroiled in, the ones that Obama is trying to start, the re-authorization of the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act, the renditions and illegal prisons like Guantanamo Bay, the thousands of innocent civilians (not to mention 1,000,000 dead Iraqi’s) killed by drones in the last year in Pakistan and Afghanistan, allowing for police state tactics within the borders of the US (like the recent G20 protests),and how Obama has gone out of his way to protect Bush and company from a war crimes investigation. Let’s put all that aside for a minute.

The deadline for nominating someone for the Nobel Prize came up less than two weeks into his term as president. So, can someone please explain to me what this man did prior to his presidency that would warrant a Nobel Prize? Anyone? Anyone? How about since then? Anybody?

I’ve never put all that much stock in the Nobel Peace prize to begin with. It has always seemed hypocritical to me that an award for peace bears the name of one of the biggest arms manufactures (as well as the inventor of dynamite) of his day.

Story from USA Today:

Obama: Nobel award a ‘call to action’ for world
By Richard Wolf and Mimi Hall, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — President Obama accepted his surprising Nobel Peace Prize on Friday as a challenge to make good on his bold goals: peace in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, climate change, nuclear disarmament and a renewed U.S. partnership with the world. As foreign policy experts questioned the wisdom of the Nobel committee’s decision, Obama used the announcement as an opportunity to extend his reach around the world and define his ambitions.


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