Dy’er Sez: Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about a cop in a special needs school who broke a learning disabled kid’s nose, after slamming him into a wall for not tucking in his shirt. The situation would be bad enough if this was an isolated incidence of violence. Instead, it seems that the cop is also a murderer and rapist.

The cop in question, Christopher Lloyd, is sitting currently in jail on rape charges. Additionally it has come out that he shot his ex-wife’s husband 24 times (in front of their kids, no less), but got off on any charges because Chicago police believe he acted in self-defense.

This seems to me like a disgustingly blatant case of cops protecting one of their own. This animal in human skin shot a man 24 – TWENTY FOUR – times and was set free because he wore a badge at the time. Everyone involved with setting this low life free and anyone who is responsible for allowing this psycho to still carry a gun and a badge needs to be fired, investigated, and brought up on charges as an accessory to the murder, the assault with intent, and the rape. The last two incidences could have been prevented if they actually went after Lloyd when he killed his ex’s husband.

Personal note to anyone involved with protecting Christopher Lloyd, and helping him to retain a job in law enforcement: I don’t know how you can live with yourselves, but I hope the ghosts of what this man has done haunt you all to your grave. May none of you ever have a nightmare-less sleep for the rest of your lives. This blood is on YOUR hands as well as his.

Story from WGN:

Dolton cop in beating case has troubling history

A Dolton cop caught on camera allegedly breaking a 15-year-old special needs student’s nose for failing to tuck in his shirt has a troubling history that includes killing a man in a case of disputed self-defense.

The officer is now in an Indiana jail on an unrelated rape charge.

Christopher Lloyd, 38, was identified today by his father, Charles Lloyd, and Dolton Mayor Ronnie Lewis as the officer who in May was videotaped by a school security camera scuffling with 15-year-old, 140-pound Marshawn Pitts at the Academy for Learning in Dolton.


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