Dy’er Sez: We are definitely heading down a slippery slope here. First it started with school-children. Although there is NO law anywhere in the country that states that a child must receive a vaccine of any sort to go to school, the RECCOMENDATION by various jurisdictions has become a sort of law unto itself (ie: if you opt out of the vaccines, you are excluded from sports, dances, perhaps graduation ceremonies, and suddenly CPS starts taking a look at your files. If it was a law, there would be no opt-out in the first place). Now we are seeing the government of New York forcing vaccines on health care workers in order to retain their jobs.

While I understand the hysteria of those who are pro-flu-vaccine who are afraid that those who are not vaccinated posing a threat to others, the argument falls flat. First of all, if a person is vaccinated, they should not be in danger of catching the flu from those who have not received the jab.

Another concern is that those who do not get vaccinated are a threat to people who are immune-compromised. The fact is that those who receive the nasal H1N1 vaccine are at greater risk of passing on the flu to those with a weakened immune system.

Although most of the media outlets I’ve seen cover this story seem to turn it into a battle of nurses vs the state, or health nuts vs the state, or even conservatives vs. liberals, the fact that it is the medical professionals themselves – the very people in the know and with the training to have a greater understanding of the situation – who are questioning the safety of the vaccines. That, if nothing else, should give one pause for thought.

Story from Prison Planet:

New York Nurses Suing State Over Forced Vaccinations

They say more staff have become ill from vaccines than from the actual flu

by Steve Watson

A group of nurses is suing the State of New York over mandatory H1N1 vaccinations, claiming that the threat of being fired for refusing is a violation of their civil rights.

The nurses, based at Albany Medical Center, say they have been told they will face a week of suspension without pay, followed by termination if they don’t get both the H1N1 and the seasonal flu vaccines by the end of October.

The New York mandate requires all health care workers to receive the vaccinations before the end of November.

The nurses say that they do not believe the vaccines are as effective as maintaining a good level of hygiene in preventing the flu.

They also state that the possible side effects outweigh any benefits, noting the fact that the H1N1 vaccine has been rushed through testing and production


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