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Dy’er Sez: Let’s see – a ring of missile ‘defense’ systems in the countries surrounding Russia; threatening war against Iran, one of Russia’s largest trading partners; backing Georgia when they started the LAST war with Russia, then blaming Russia for starting the whole mess; now spending millions more (while we are in the middle of a depression, no less) to fund the Georgian military. 

 Is it me, or are we trying to pick a fight with a global super power?

Story from Raw Story:

US will support Georgian military: Clinton

The United States will continue to support and train Georgia’s military despite Russian objections, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview Wednesday. “Georgia is providing troops in Afghanistan and we are training troops to be able to go to Afghanistan,” Clinton told the Echo of Moscow radio.

“We will help the Georgian people to feel like they can protect themselves,” she added, without giving further details.


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