Gaza shelled by Israeli in the Israeli assault...

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Dy’er Sez: The ‘Goldstone’ report outlines very severe charges of war crimes and crimes against international humanitarian law and humanity committed by both sides of the conflict (click here for the PDF of the full report). Unfortunately for Israel, the report seems to indicate that they have committed atrocities above and beyond the call of horrible.

Using civilians as human shields, torture of civilians, bombing shelters (including UN buildings), schools, and vital infrastructure, using white phosphorous in civilian areas, and indiscriminately and intentionally committing wanton acts of violence and murder of innocent civilians are all mentioned in the report.

If Israel (and the US) are so sure that they have done nothing wrong, then why not have the whole thing out in public, go through the legal process, and prove that these allegations are false? Unless, of course, the allegations are true, in which case there are obvious reasons for the guilty parties to want to keep the whole affair out of the public eye and the world court.

The only thing I see here is an obvious cover up by Israel, as well as a condoning of war crimes by the country being led by a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Story from raw Story:

Israel braces for UN debate on Gaza war report

Israel braced on Wednesday for what is expected to be a bruising UN debate on a report that accuses the Jewish state and Hamas of war crimes during its Gaza offensive at the turn of the year.

The UN Security Council was to discuss the so-called Goldstone report later on Wednesday at its regular monthly meeting on the Middle East, a day before the UN Human Rights Council reopens its own debate in Geneva.

The UN mandated fact-finding mission headed by respected South African judge Richard Goldstone drew sharp criticism from Israel, which reiterated on Wednesday that adoption of the report would knock out any chances of restarting Middle East peace


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