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Dy’er Sez: On a recent speaking engagement at a Democrat fundraiser in San Francisco (which drew a crowd of thousands in protest…hmmmm, looks like this is becoming the third Bush term in more ways than one), President Obama proclaimed the following, “I believe in a two party system where ideas are tested and assumptions are challenged because that’s how we move this country forward, but what I reject is when some folks decide to sit on the sidelines and root for failure”.

Really, Mr. President? So politically independent American citizens who do not subscribe to the two majority parties have no ability to test your ideas and challenge your assumptions?  Are I, and many others like me, not a part of moving the country forward?

So sorry to bust up your delusions, Mr. President, but while the blue and red have been steadily losing members over the years, people with “I” on their voter registration card are growing in number because they know full well that it is the two party system that has become nothing more than a great big, rotting and fetid blanket (made in Taiwan, of course) of corruption, graft, and greed which laid it’s stinky self over every corner of the country. But if this is the system that you adhere to, maybe it tells us all a whole lot more about exactly who you are and where your priorities lie, Mr. President.

To be honest, it really doesn’t surprise me.

Story from ABC:

Thousands protest during Obama visit

By Amy Hollyfield

Hundreds of supporters donating millions of dollars came to hear President Barack Obama speak in San Francisco on Thursday night, but not everyone came to cheer. A huge crowd of protesters also turned out to deliver messages of their own.
By 11 p.m. many of the protesters cleared out, but many of them acknowledge the President probably never saw them. Some protesters said they still feel good that they go their opinion out there, hoping someone in the crowd heard or saw their message

People started lining up a few hours before President Obama was scheduled to arrive at the Westin St. Frances Hotel. Protestors had a lot to say about health care and the war in Afghanistan. They argued with each other and held signs with strong messages for the president.

“People in this country had a lot of trust to vote for him to make a change and they really didn’t know what kind of change,” said Pleasanton resident Karla Bruen


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