Dy’er Sez: Although Mr. Mizzy’s career was larger than the Addams Family theme, one has to admit that one single 60 second song (harpsichord, finger snaps and Mizzy singing the fun and catchy lyrics) is one of the most recognizable TV themes ever created.

Rest easy, Mr. Mizzy.

Story from Variety:

Composer Vic Mizzy dies at 93 Wrote music for ‘Addams Family,’ ‘Green Acres’


Vic Mizzy, who composed the indelible theme music for “The Addams Family” and “Green Acres” died Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 93. For the “The Addams Family” theme, which became a long-remembered part of ’60s pop culture, Mizzy played the harpsichord and sang the vocal parts (overdubbing his own voice three times) and coached the actors during the main-title sequence (including on-camera finger-snapping by the actors).

The equally iconic “Green Acres” theme was performed by stars Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. Mizzy also wrote all the underscore for both series. His theme for “Addams” was reprised in the 1990s feature films.

Although he was most famous for his sitcom music, Mizzy also had a number of top-20 hits in the late 1930s, ’40s and ’50s when he was active as a New York-based songwriter. Doris Day sang the most popular, “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time,” in 1945.


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