Dy’er Sez: Of course, the obvious question to this most recent move by the executive branch is – WHY?

 As I already posted a few days back, the CDC has admittedly fudged the numbers of swine flu cases, so no one – not even the President himself  – knows exactly how many people actually have the Swine Flu, not to mention how many people have died from it. Additionally, the numbers that were reported make the severity of the Swine Flu, regardless of all the scare tactics by the government or the apparently government-run news agencies, far less serious than they seem to be reacting to. On top of that, the actual flu symptoms seems to be quite mild, with those affected complaining of typical (and mild) flu like symptoms for a few days before they are back on their feet.

(Here’s the video of the CBS news report about the CDC making up the swine flu numbers as they go, then apparently trying to cover it up):

So why is Obama making this apparent leap to declare a national emergency over a situation which seems to warrant a far lesser flexing of executive power? It could be a number of different scenarios: the flu outbreak is worse than the public is being told (unlikely, but if true it would indicate that we are being lied to by our government…again), the president is attempting to hype up the danger level in order to justify the expenditure of millions upon millions of tax dollars over an apparent non-emergency (a justification which is hard to explain for the president considering we are in an economic depression), the executive and the president are completely inept (although this one would be very easy to believe, track record shows that although presidents might be buffoons, the people behind them always have an agenda –generally based on power or monetary greed –  and will make the right moves to forward it, no matter what the public thinks the figurehead’s motivations are), or there is something more nefarious afoot, as the declaration of a national emergency allows for a suspension of constitutional rights, including quarantine zones and outright martial law.

 Perhaps I have missed something, but I can’t really see any reasons for this flexing of executive muscle other than those mentioned above. In my opinion NONE of those reasons are justified nor anything less than a total denouncement of the entire Obama administration. This declaration of a national emergency should not be taken lightly.

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