Dy’er Sez: There are a few things in this story that seem like either the management of the fast-food joint or the police were overreacting. First off, if the kids were really imitating the YouTube video (which is included below), then obviously their ‘prank’ was done to be funny with no harm intended. Secondly, if there was an employee who felt their safety was an issue, and there was nothing more than a copy of the video being done (and it seems that this was indeed the case) then the employee seems to be more than a tad sensitive for working with the public.

But the most interesting tid-bit (and the thing which leads me to believe that these kids did nothing wrong) is there is no mention of the drive through video being reviewed by the police to substantiate the claim made by the fast-food manager before any charges or citations were handed out.

Now these kids may be guilty as charged, but it seems to me that they were charged with something simply on the word of one person..and that’s simply not the way the law is supposed to work.


Story from the Daily Herald:

McPrank: 4 American Fork teens cited for McDonald’s rap

AMERICAN FORK — A rap by four teenagers at a McDonald’s has gotten them a bad rap in one Utah city.

The teens were cited by American Fork police earlier this week for disorderly conduct after they rapped their order at a McDonald’s drive-through.

The teens said they were imitating a popular video on YouTube. They rapped their order, which begins with, “I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce …” once quickly before repeating it more slowly.

Spenser Dauwalder said employees at the restaurant told him and his friends they were holding up the line and needed to order or leave.

The 18-year-old said nobody was in line. He and his three 17-year-old friends left without buying anything.

American Fork Police Sgt. Gregg Ludlow says a manager wrote down the car’s license plate number and called police. The teens were later cited by officers at a high school parking lot outside a volleyball match.

“We thought, you know, just teenagers out having fun,” Dauwalder told KSL Newsradio. “We didn’t think it would escalate to that.”


(Here’s the video the teens were emulating….terrifying, no?)

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