Dy’er Sez: I would say that it’s a given that when money enters the scene of any ‘cause’ – more so this one, considering how many billions of dollars are floating around  – one has to question the ethics of proponents who stand to make huge windfalls of power and monetary gain. Al gore is no exception. Let’s remember that he was a politician long before ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Personally, I think that Gore (and many like him)  profiting as much as he has (and potentially will) from this highly disputed science should lead to speculation and doubt that he is in this for the best interest of the planet and the ‘little people’, and not just fronting this movement simply for the betterment of his pocket and global standing.

Story from PrisonPlanet:   

     Al Gore Set To Become First “Carbon Billionaire”
CO2 tax agenda front man lining his pockets on the back of global warming fearmongering     

 Paul Joseph Watson

The New York Times has lifted the lid on how Al Gore stands to benefit to the tune of billions of dollars if the carbon tax proposals he is pushing come to fruition in the United States, while documenting how he has already lined his pockets on the back of exaggerated fearmongering about global warming.

As is to be expected, the article is largely a whitewash and takes an apologist stance in defense of Gore.

However, the NY Times‘ John M. Broder does reveal how one of the companies Gore invested in, Silver Spring Networks, recently received a contract worth $560 million dollars from the Energy Department to install “smart meters” in people’s homes that record (and critics fear could eventually regulate) energy usage.

“Kleiner Perkins and its partners, including Mr. Gore, could recoup their investment many times over in coming years,” states the report, highlighting the fact that Gore is “well positioned to profit from this green transformation, if and when it comes.”


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