Dy’er Sez: A lot of information (and misinformation on both sides of the political aisle) is being bandied around about the so called health care reform bill passed (over the weekend after the sun went down no less) by Congress. It’s a HUGE stack of paper, and I’ll admit to only having read about a fifth of it so far, so I will reserve comments about specific parts of the bill. Having said that, I really do think that the whole thing is a political smoke screen which does very little of what is claimed by talking heads who get the greatest amount of television airtime.

I will admit upfront that I am a proponent of a full-coverage, tax dollar paid health care coverage system similar to what Europe has. Opponents of such an idea will point to some countries that have such a system and gripe that we’ll have long lines and many will not receive the proper care, but seem to forget that we are America and we need to find a way to do it better – to be the model for that kind of system, not just a follower of all that is wrong with such a project.

Others might say that it will cost too much in taxes and that Europeans are taxed more as a result, but think about how we are taxed already (let’s take an envelope as an example – the land the tree is on is taxed, the guy who cuts the tree down is taxed, the company which hires the guy is taxed, the fuel used to power the chain-saw is taxed, the chain saw is taxed, the people and machinery that turns the wood to paper are taxed, the person who ships the envelopes is taxed, the vehicle and fuel for the vehicle which ships the envelope are taxed, the person/machine/fuel/ink/adhesive which makes up the packaging for the box of envelopes are taxed, the store which sells the product is taxed, the people who work at the store are taxed, then the product is finally sold to a consumer who – of course – pays a tax on the item. And THEN we pay our income/property/business/state taxes. Hell, as a homeowner I even pay a frikkin STREETLIGHT tax for the one I never asked for which is sitting at the edge of my property hidden by a copse of trees which prevents it from shedding all that much taxable light– no joke) and it seems ludicrous that we cannot afford such a universal coverage plan. If we really are that short on cash in the treasury (and it seems we are) let’s stop meddling around in the Middle East/Africa/South America/Asia, bombing brown people, and stop funding anything in any other country – see, deficit solved and more for us.

It all comes down to this: regardless of what a great many people seem to believe, this is not a universal health care plan paid for by your taxes which will make sure that all Americans get proper medical treatment when they need to. Generally speaking, this is a program designed to ensure that you MUST purchase insurance, out of your own pocket in ADDITION to you tax contribution, from an insurance company (the same ones that have screwed us citizens all these years) for your coverage – failure to do so will result in monetary penalties (up to almost 3% of your income but no more than the total amount the package would cost you if you decided to purchase it) or even legal penalties (fines and imprisonment are mentioned) for those who ‘evade’ getting mandatory health care.

This is not reform or a universal (some call it ‘socialist’ health care package) health care, it is simply the legal mechanism the government is using to mandate that everyone must purchase insurance OR ELSE – then they can turn around and say, “ooooh, lookie, we got everyone health insurance”. All the other rhetoric about how the insurance companies hate it, and how it will cover so many people, or that there are death panels and so on are red herrings compared with the fact that this is nothing more than trying to build some sort of unwieldy contraption on a crumbling and shaky foundation and hoping the whole thing doesn’t collapse under its own weight until the politicos can figure out who to blame for the mess – pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, but look at all the pretty bells and whistles.

The whole thing is a farce

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