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Dy’er Sez: It wasn’t that long ago that I posted about Dr. Oz making the rounds on the TV news telling people how they should all go get their swine flu shot. The first alarm bell that rang in my head concerning Oz’s campaign to get people vaccinated was that he admitted during a news interview (video at bottom of story, or go here for the original post) that he would not be vaccinating his own children even though he was pushing for others to get the shot or to have thier children innoculated.

Now it has come out that this Oz character owns 150,000 option shares in SIGA Technologies, a vaccine technology company who’s stock is sure to rise with every vaccine given. To make matters even worse, he’s not just a shareholder of  SIGA, but he is a member of their Board of Directors, and has been since 2001.

To make a long story short: OZ has been seemingly using his position as a TV doctor with millions of viewers to convince people to get a vaccination to make money for him and his companies shareholders and not for the betterment of the health of those who listen to him.

This is absolutely disgusting. This man should have his license to practice medicine revoked immediately due to ethics violations. He is nothing more than an opportunist, a modern-day snake oil salesman whose greed has overshadowed his Hippocratic oath; he has put potentially hundreds of thousands of people’s lives at risk pushing a vaccine which is completely untested for safety FOR THE MONEY.

 Story from NaturalNews:

Conflicts of interest? Dr. Mehmet Oz owns 150,000 option shares in vaccine technology company

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Dr. Mehmet Oz is a huge promoter of vaccines. He’s been on television reinforcing fear about H1N1 swine flu and telling everyone to get vaccinated. But what he didn’t tell his viewing audience is that he holds 150,000 option shares in a vaccine company that could earn him millions of dollars in profits as the stock price rises. It is in Dr. Oz’s own financial interest, in other words, to hype up vaccines and get more people taking them so that his own financial investments rise in value.

Evidence describing these facts was delivered to NaturalNews by a private investigator named Joseph Culligan ( That evidence includes an SEC document detailing how Dr. Oz. bought options on stocks for SIGA Technologies in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009. SIGA Technologies (stock symbol SIGA) is a vaccine technology company with many advanced developments whose success depends on the widespread adoption of vaccines. According to SEC documents, Dr. Mehmet Oz. currently holds 150,000 option shares on SIGA Technologies, purchased for as little as $1.35 back in 2005.

At the time of this writing, SIGA Technologies is trading at $7.10, making those options bought in 2005 worth $5.75 in profits today. If all the 150,000 options purchased by Dr. Oz. were exercised today, they would be worth roughly $180,000 in profits (they were bought at different prices, not all at $1.35). This is all revealed in what the SEC website calls an “insider transaction” document


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