Dy’er Sez: Other than the fact that he, at times, gets extremely marble mouthed, I like Lou Dobbs. I can’t say that I agree with all of his commentary (although his reporting on illegal immigration was spot on, in my opinion) his was one of the few (the only?) show left on the 24 hour news channels that asked the hard questions, and had no fear of confronting anyone regardless of their status, power or money. He also has some incredible good reporters (notably Casey Wyann, whom I hope has a long and illustrious career ahead of him after the Dobbs show) on his staff, who were apparently the last remnant of a free press on the big news corps.Like him or not, he was all there was left of the heard edged, old school type of presenters and CNN if the poorer for his leaving.

Interestingly enough, Media Matters for America sent me form e-mail claiming that Dobbs’ leaving was their doing. Um, considering that Dobbs wife was almost killed in a drive by on his home a couple of weeks ago (perhaps by someone inflamed by Media Matter’s rhetoric? Hmmmm…), I think he may have had some reasons other than a hack political activism group’s efforts to smear him to draw back from the television limelight.

In other news related news, Bill O’Reiley is the biggest douchebag onTV – followed by, perhaps, his recent guest Col. Peters(for a real meeting of the mindless, see video below)

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