Blackwater MD-530F over Republican Palace, Baghdad

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Dy’er Sez: Author Jeremy Scahill in a recent interview with Rachel Maddow on Obama and Blackwater poses an interesting proposition. With all the bad that Blackwater has done, ranging to bribery to outright mass murder, why are they still garnering contracts from the federal government worth billions of dollars? One would think that Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama would put his foot down and cancel the contracts of these goons and psychopaths. One would think that, but one would be proven wrong as Blackwater is still on the job.

Scahill offers up the premise that the reason that these murderers for hire are still in business due to their knowing a whole lot of dirty little secrets about the wars we are fighting and, perhaps, knowing where all the bodies are buried so to speak. Basically his claim is that the government is being blackmailed by Blackwater in order to keep them on the payroll.

At first, such an accusation would seem ludicrous on its face. But considering what lengths Obama has gone through to protect the last administration from facing a huge variety of charges (including war crimes) and how hard he has fought to keep the torture photos from ever seeing the light of day, it makes all too perfect sense that he would do the same for the cream-of-the-scumbag crop known as Blackwater (or Xe, or whatever they are calling themselves these days), all in the name of saving the Federal government ‘embarrassment’.

I guess this may be more of that change we can believe in, eh?

Story from Raw Story:

Scahill: Obama may be afraid of Blackwater

Despite news reports that the security contractor formerly known as Blackwater has seen its contracts dry up and its influence wane, the company continues to do brisk business in Iraq and Afghanistan — and the Obama administration may be too afraid of the firm to do anything about it, says investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill.

“You know who’s guarding Hillary Clinton in Afghanistan right now? Blackwater,” Scahill told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Tuesday night. “You know who guards members of Congress? Blackwater. They have half a billion dollars in contracts in Afghanistan right now. CIA, State Department, Defense Department. Why is President Obama keeping these guys on the payroll? There has never been a company in recent history that made the case that corporations are corrupt, evil organizations [better] than Blackwater.”

Scahill was on The Rachel Maddow Show discussing the New York Timesrevelation that senior Blackwater executives allegedly arranged for bribes of up to $1 million for Iraqi politicians in a bid to retain its contracts and silence criticism of the company in the wake of the Nissour Square massacre in 2007, in which 17 Iraqi civilians died after Blackwater guards opened fire.


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