Dy’er Sez: I’m so incensed about this story, I ‘m not even sure where to begin. These deputies stepped WAY over the line holding down a child who was scared of getting a shot. It was not their place to do so and it was way beyond their job description.Story from the Intellengencer:

 Some might say that the kid was over reacting to getting a shot…maybe so. But let me ask: how would YOU feel if 2 armed and uniformed thugs held down YOUR frightened child for a vaccination?

Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu ShotStudent refused; was held down for vaccinationBy SHELLEY HANSON Staff Writer

WHEELING – It took the strength of two sheriff’s deputies to keep a middle schooler still enough to receive a shot of the swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine at a recent clinic.

During a regular Wheeling-Ohio County Health Board meeting Tuesday, health department Administrator Howard Gamble told board members about the student’s attempt to flee Wheeling Middle School during a vaccination clinic held there last Friday.

He noted the boy’s mother could not bear to watch the scene and left the gymnasium. Out of apparent fear of receiving the injection, the student ran out of the building. The school’s resource officer, Ohio County Sheriff’s Deputy John Haglock, coaxed the boy back inside. Once at the shot station, however, Haglock apparently needed some help keeping the boy still, and another deputy assisted.

“He tried to run. I looked over and saw two sheriff’s deputies holding a kid down,” Gamble said. “Mom took off, she couldn’t take it. You had one nurse with the needle, two deputies holding him, one nurse is grabbing hands – because that’s what they want to do, to go after the needle. And that’s the last thing you want.”


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