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Dy’er Sez: I completely understand that schools, now more than ever, have to be very creative in finding ways to fund their programs (so much for the various lotteries whose takes are supposed to go to schools, as well as the train-wreck that is ‘No Child Left Behind’) given that there seems to be very little money in the coffer marked ‘education’ (but, apparently, lots of cash in the bins marked ‘for the bankers’ and  “lets bomb the brown people’). But this one school went way, way over the line.

Think about the message this sends to the students: as long as you have money, you can buy your way into or out of anything. The parent’s advisory board that was involved in this fiasco needs to be disbanded, and the principal should never be allowed to work in the education field again. 

 Story from newsobserver:

District nixes cash-for-grades fundraiser

Selling candy didn’t raise much money last year, so a Goldsboro middle school tried selling grades.

However, the fundraiser came to an abrupt halt today after a story in The News & Observer raised concerns about the practice of selling grades.

Wayne County school administrators stopped the fundraiser, issuing a statement this morning.

“Yesterday afternoon, the district administration met with [Rosewood Middle School principal] Mrs. Shepherd and directed the the following actions be taken: (1) the fundraiser will be immediately stopped; (2) no extra grade credit will be issued that may have resulted from donations; and (3) beginning Novermber 12, all donations will be returned.”

A $20 donation to Rosewood Middle School would have gotten a student 20 test points – 10 extra points on two tests of the student’s choosing. That could raise a B to an A, or a failing grade to a D.

Susie Shepherd, the principal, said a parent advisory council came up with the idea, and she endorsed it. She said the council was looking for a new way to raise money.

“Last year they did chocolates, and it didn’t generate anything,” Shepherd said.


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