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Dy’er Sez: Findings in a recent study backed by the Royal Society of Medicine show that one in five HIV infections reported in Africa are caused by medical practices related to the various vaccinations programs running in the country. The study breaks down the math to indicate that nearly 5,000,000 new cases of HIV are annually caused by ‘erratic health practices’. Another study backed by the UN claims that 72% of all new cases of HIV in the world are reported as originating in Africa.

For many years now Africa has been the continent hardest hit by HIV/AIDS, with millions of people dying every year from the disease (over two-million in 2008 alone). Although there has been massive health campaigns to target the disease it seems that there has been little to no positive change in the numbers of HIV related sickness and death in Africa; in fact, it seems as if the situation is actually worsening. This, of course begs the question: if so much money, manpower, and resources are being aimed at the HIV/AIDS epidemic, why have we not seen any real alleviation of the dreaded disease on the ‘dark continent’?

According to some profiles of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the blame for the rise (and subsequent sustainability) of the numbers of HIV/AIDS were attributed to the culture of sexuality in the African nations (notably the refusal of African men to use condoms) and general fear of western medicines (vaccines especially) by Africans (many natives of the region, including major power players and politicos claim that many of the medicines and vaccines brought to them by the likes of the UN and the WHO are designed to sterilize the population). While the former of these two concerns may be a factor in the inability to get a hold of HIV in Africa, it seems that the fear of western medicines is well founded.

Going back to the study mentioned at the beginning of this article, the blame for the rise in HIV/AIDS is being placed on the apparent re-use of needles used to give vaccinations due to local public health workers and researchers holding on to a belief that HIV is only transmitted through sex. Additionally, the study mentions Swaziland, in which many children aged 2-12 have contracted HIV and that these children had experienced many more vaccinations (and potentially re-used and tainted needles) than those that weren’t infected.

While the study may indeed prove to be legitimate, prior concerns with contaminated medicines and vaccines in Africa, as well as the rest of the world, may lead one to surmise that the problem has less to do with the people dispensing the shots and more to do with the inoculations themselves.

In the last decade there have been a handful of Polio outbreaks in Africa, which have proven to be caused by the vaccines being given for Polio at the time. The most recent outbreak of this dreaded disease (which had seemingly been wiped out previously) is currently in full swing in Nigeria; this also has been directly traced back to the vaccine itself.

The Mayo Clinic has also released a study in which it claims that the last case of ‘wild’ Polio (which is the disease caused naturally as opposed to caused due to the vaccine) actually occurred in 1979. If this is correct, then every outbreak of Polio (of which there have been more than a few of in Africa) since then has been caused by the vaccine being given to supposedly protect one from getting it.

One might think that if there was a vaccine or medicine tainted with HIV which was causing the upswing in cases in Africa, that the pharmaceutical industry and governmental agencies concerned would rush to correct such a situation. But past actions by both groups leaves this assumption in grave doubt.

In the 80’s, Cutter (a pharmaceutical manufacturer under the flag of the Bayer company) knowingly released many thousands of doses of Factor VIII, a drug used by hemophiliacs to assist in blood clotting, which had been contaminated by live HIV. Their rational for such a move, by their own admittance, was purely financial – they were trying to unload the tainted drug in order to meet their profit line.  The result was that tens of thousands who took the drug turned up HIV positive.

In this decade, Merck Pharmaceuticals knowingly kept their drug, Vioxx, on the market even though it killed a great many people by causing heart attacks. Even though Merck knew the drug to be dangerous, they stonewalled the FDA and tried to submerge conclusive data from studies that proved that Vioxx was to blame for many deaths. During the resulting scandal more documents were released that showed that the efficacy studies done on Vioxx prior to its release were fudged, and that the drug simply may not have worked the way is was purported to in the first place.

Another area of concern is the apparent link between Autism and vaccines. Although many people and organizations (including the FDA and CDC) claim there have been no studies done to solidify that link, there is an often overlooked Congressional report from 2003 which clearly states that there is a correlation between vaccines containing themerisol (mercury) and Autism. Additionally, the report goes on to damn the CDC, FDA, and the vaccine manufactures, claiming that they know very well that there is a link but are willing to look the other way (and in the process put lives at risk) for the sake of profits.

Additionally, there is a medical and scientific school of thought that HIV/AIDS was not born of a mutated disease that made the jump from primate to human, but was in fact  caused as a direct result of vaccination programs carried out in Africa (namely, the Polio vaccine). Edward Hooper’s ‘The River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS’, and Omar Bagrasa’s ‘HIV and Molecular Immunity: Prospects for the AIDS Vaccine’ are just two seminal works which promote the theory that HIV/AIDS is a man made disease – a byproduct of vaccines.

It seems to this author that, considering how ravaged by HIV/AIDS the entire continent of Africa is, it is highly unlikely that local medical workers wouldn’t know better than to re-use needles for the various vaccines they are dispensing. The reports of this happening are apparently from a handful of personal accounts and have not been independently substantiated.

That being said, it is entirely possible that the thousands of health workers it would take to lay the blame on (for the numbers of those infected) are intentionally re-using needles due to their lack of education and training or are unable to overcome some sort of cultural taboo which tells them that sex (and only sex) is the way that HIV is transmitted.

But it is also painfully obvious, due to a shoddy and shockingly nefarious track record, that there may be something very, very wrong with the medicines and vaccines being given. Although this is a chilling thought when one thinks about the amount of people who would be affected by such malfeasance, whether intentional or not, it s a possibility which cannot be laid down and disregarded out of hand.

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