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Q: Where do you go when you die? A: Straight to Vinyl!

Dy’er Sez: I’ve had a few discussions about what should be done with my remains when I finally shirk this mortal coil. Most of these talks have happened with anonymous strangers with shocked expressions on their faces, trapped beside me … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Video: On It’s Last Legs?

Dyer Sez: It appears that Blockbuster video is planning on declaring bankruptcy. No surprise after they spent the last few years getting smacked around by Netflix and the RedBox, in addition to trying to market a ‘luxury’ service (at a … Continue reading

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Government Control Over The Internet Comes One Step Closer To Reality

               Dy’er Sez: A cyber-security bill, being touted as the Federal “Kill Switch” for the internet itself, may be attached to a defense spending bill in order to lower resistance to it’s passage according to Sen. … Continue reading

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…the heck???

Dy’er Hear Sez: This…well, it makes me feel…all happy inside.

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Album Sales Continue to Plummet; Downloaders Continue To Be Blamed

Dy’er Sez: A recent article from NPR is the latest sign that the music industry (or, at least, the part of it run by mega-corporations) is in serious decline. And, as usual, the blame is being laid at the feet … Continue reading

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Vote For Astronauts Wake Up Call Song

Dy’er Sez: This is kinda cool. NASA has set up a page that allows you to vote for the songs that will be used as the ‘wake up’ call for astronauts on their next space mission which is due to … Continue reading

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H1N1 Vaccine Use Suspended in Finland; Fears Shot Linked To Jump In Narcolepsy

Dy’er Sez: Yet another reason why you may want to think twice before loading up on any vaccine. Story from PrisonPlanet: Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder Paul Joseph Watson Prison Wednesday, August 25, … Continue reading

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