Dy’er Sez: It looks like the city of brotherly love has decided that it is goig to charge it’s citizens for the right to free speech.  They have begun to institute a $300 fee (called a ‘business privledge lisence”) which all bloogers must pay if their blog is started from the city itself.

Now I understand full well that many cities are facing a bdget shortfall in our current fiscal crisis; but to require a lisence and tax for a mode of communication is not just downright ridiculas, but outright scary in an Orwellian police state sort of way.

Seems to me like just another attack on the Blogosphere by the powers that be.

Story from NBC Philly:

Pay Up or Shut Up: Bloggers Charged $300 for Their Thoughts

Philly wages a $300 “business privilege tax” on bloggers, even if they make no profit


Mon, Aug 23, 2010

Taking a step closer to an eerie Orwellian state where creativity is crushed in the name of “the greater good,” the city of Philadelphia is demanding that bloggers pay $300 for the privilege of writing on the Internet.

This $300 “business privilege license” is for all local bloggers – even the ones that make no money off their words.

The city doesn’t stop there. In addition to the $300 for the license to write on the World Wide Web, bloggers must pay city wage taxes, business privilege taxes and taxes on any net profits — on top of state and federal taxes — even if the blogger only made $11 over two years, reports the City Paper.

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