Blackwater (Xe) Steals From Troops, Keeps Government Contracts

Dy’er Sez ; McClatchy News is reporting that Xe (formerly known as the mercenary organization, Blackwater) has been hit with a 42 million dollar settlement after an investigation by the State Dept.  into hundreds of counts of wrongdoing and misconduct.

Some of the offences are more than a little shocking, even for an organization as nefarious as Blackwater. Many of the counts against them have to do with their engaging in operations without the proper permission from the government to do so.  One of the charges indicates that Blackwater actively stole a supply of arms meant for the US military. According to the McClatchy article:

“Blackwater also violated firearms regulations on numerous occasions, the documents allege. In one case, it diverted weapons intended for use in supporting U.S. military operations in Iraq to the company’s private contracts in that country.”

Even more disturbing is the reaction of the State Department. Even though a massive fine was levied against the mercenary organization, no charges were filed against any member of XE (Blackwater) and they will not only keep their government contracts but also be able to apply for future contracts.

This begs the question: Why is a company who has been caught in so many violations (including stealing arms from our very own troops) still having checks cut for their services (paid for with our tax dollars) by the government? It seems to speak volumes about the amount of abject corruption in our government. Corruption which is apparently seated at the desk of the Sec of State Clinton and, ultimately, in the Oval Office.

Story from McClatchy:

State Department details Blackwater violations of U.S. laws

Warren P. Strobel | McClatchy Newspapers

August 23, 2010

WASHINGTON — The company formerly known as Blackwater violated U.S. export control laws nearly 300 times, ranging from attempts to do business in Sudan while that country was under U.S. sanctions to training an Afghan border patrol official who was a native of Iran, the State Department said Monday.

The alleged violations were spelled out in documents released Monday by the State Department as part of a $42 million settlement with Blackwater that will allow the company, now known as Xe Services LLC, to continue receiving U.S. government contracts.

The agreement appears to spell the end of a three-and-a-half-year, multi-agency federal probe into Xe Services’ unauthorized exports of defense technologies and services. While elements of the case were presented to a federal grand jury, the company and its currently serving officers have avoided criminal prosecution.

Click here for the full article.

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